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Data is key to success

How data and technology drive motorsport

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Tech Talk on Demand

Data is key to success

Data-driven analytics are vital to the success of any Formula 1 team. In this webinar, Gary Foote, CIO of the Haas F1 team, provides an overview of the evolution of racing technology and provides insight into the benefits that cloud technologies bring to racing.


Data-driven technology is at the heart of modern F1 racing. Whether it's selecting the right tires, calculating the aerodynamics of individual parts or the entire car, or determining the optimal track run - a multitude of data must be collected, processed and analysed during each race.

Cloud computing can play an important role in the technology stack of a Formula 1 team to help capture and manage that data, because it offers an unbeatable advantage: inexhaustible compute power accessible remotely - without the need to build an entire data centre next to the race track.

In this live tech talk, Gary Foote, will cover:

  • History of the Haas F1 team
  • Use of data-driven technology within Formula 1 and the Haas team
  • Use case for cloud in Formula 1
  • Examples of how the Haas F1 Team is leveraging the IONOS Cloud