Digital Transformation and why you should consider Kubernetes

Thu, Mar 26, 2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM GMT

IONOS Cloud Compute Engine & Red Maple present Managed Kubernetes ServiceIn today’s world of cloud computing services, containers, web technologies and open-source software, small companies and start-ups have the power to disrupt markets and unseat incumbents [think challenger banks] by providing services that are cheaper to deploy, easier to maintain, and which can more readily scale to meet demand. Increasingly companies are realising they need to modernise to stay relevant and this often means Digitally Transforming their business and their services. The question is often, how and to what? In this webinar- we will consider some of the challenges that businesses face when approaching Digital Transformation, including the ‘how’ question

  • we’ll take a broad look at the benefits of moving to a containerised cloud deployment
  • we will see why you should consider Kubernetes as the orchestration systemSpeaker:
  • David Griffitths (Director and CIO of Red Maple Technologies)
  • Lorenzo Galelli (Snr Cloud Solution Architect from IONOS)