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Cloud Computing

Monitor health metrics via the Data Center Designer

Keep your applications and services running at their peak by making decisions early on the back of sound data. With MaaS, you get a sophisticated yet simple tool for tracking relevant metrics such as CPU load, network throughput, and storage performance in real time. Directly integrated into the Data Center Designer (DCD) or via API-connected tools like Prometheus.

MaaS is available to you at any time, at no cost, and doesn't require an additional software client. There is no need for complex implementation or configuration – simply set up customisable event notifications to keep an eye on what's most important.

Graphic: Monitoring as a service user interface

Plan better without any added costs

We built MaaS so that you have quick and intuitive access to settings via the Data Center Designer. Benefit from a ready-to-use monitoring and control system that you can adapt to your needs in just a couple of clicks. Fully customisable alarm settings provide alerts when triggered, notifying you to take action. And via a PromQL-compatible interface, you can export the past 14 days of data and events from your virtual data centre, integrating persistently in your Prometheus system.

You don't need to worry about any details relating to installation, configuration or implementation, because MaaS is fully integrated into IONOS Cloud. This reduces your day-to-day workload, helps you to better guarantee your required service levels, and frees up your resources.

Graphic: Shows monitoring as a service setup

Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring

Fully integrated in the DCDTailor your monitoring to your operational needs via the Data Center Designer (DCD). Using it you can monitor your virtual machines (VM) as well as Cloud Cubes by adjusting a few settings. It's all fully customisable and available 24/7.
Customisable alarm settingsDefine your own monitoring events and when you get notifications. This way, you can act before load peaks happen, ensuring the availability of your services.
Works with any operating systemMaaS serves you with key health metrics regardless of your infrastructure setup, or which OS or distribution your instances boot from; no matter if you boot from the network, from IONOS Cloud images, from block storage, or your own private images or snapshots.
Connects to outside toolsIntegrate your MaaS data into external tools, easily linkable via API with Prometheus and others. This gives you a holistic view of the performance of your systems and keeps you one step ahead of any possible scenario at all times.
14-day reviewUse historical data logs and defined events for a period of up to 14 days in the past to maximise system transparency. You can directly process this data via an interface, use it to optimise your monitoring strategy, and store persistently after the 14-day period.
Fully operable without a clientIONOS Cloud gathers monitoring metrics without installing additional clients on your instances – saving your team added work. Best of all, MaaS is available with newly provisioned virtual servers or cubes, or existing instances.
Coming soon: horizontal VM auto scalingWhen combined with MaaS, horizontal VM auto scaling allows you to automatically adapt your cloud infrastructure to your future workloads. If monitoring reveals an increased load over a defined period of time, additional instances can be automatically deployed. This means that workloads can be distributed and processed across even more virtual instances. Your users will always experience a high-performance and responsive application. As soon as the workloads fall below a pre-defined threshold, VM instances can be deleted, optimising your costs.

MaaS use cases

Use case

Service availability monitoring

MaaS helps you keep an eye on your cloud infrastructure. If important cloud components, your own applications or VMs have availability issues or there's an outage, the system alerts you promptly and via email, enabling you to restore availability as quickly as possible.
Use case

Anomaly and load detection

Deviations and anomalies in a load baseline can be easily detected with MaaS. Create alarms if, for example, your network traffic shows abnormal load activity. You can also identify issues like VM hijacking in advance – allowing you to take the right defensive measures.
Graphic: Shows Monitoring as a Service in action
Use case

Bottleneck detection

Define your own load peak limits to detect performance issues. Use MaaS to set individual notifications, e.g. on CPU load. In this way, you can add additional resources before an overload occurs.


Baseline metric capture and provisioning for your VM instances is available at no cost to you.

Get started now

Try out IONOS Cloud Monitoring as a Service with no restrictions. New customers start with £500 in credit for the first 30 days. There's no obligation to buy or any hidden fees.

Quick registration

Create your admin access in a few simple steps. It's protected via 2-factor authentication.

Easy setup

Configure your server, data storage, and network connections. Using drag and drop in the Data Center Designer or the API makes it quick and easy.

Ready in minutes

You can start productive operation just minutes after configuring your virtual data centre.


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