Managed NAT Gateway
Gate keep your applications and VMs

Give your private networks internet access without revealing the source IP address.

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Secure network

Anonymise your private networks (LAN)

Safeguard your applications and virtual machines (VMs) by enabling an NAT Gateway as an automated gatekeeper. This allows you to connect private VMs to public repositories, for example, to perform software updates or to connect NTP servers. The Managed NAT Gateway masks the source, providing another layer of protection against external compromise. All IP addresses generated during the process are transferred to public IPs.

Fully configurable: You can set multiple outbound rules (SNAT rules) on each NAT gateway to anonymise your IPs.

NAT gateway separating public repositories and private VMs

Protect your virtual data centre

Use the IONOS Cloud Managed NAT Gateway as an additional security feature for your virtual data centre. By completely separating internal and external network traffic and isolating your VMs, you are effectively preventing unauthorised data traffic. This provides you with a secure environment that streamlines the management of lists of authorised IP addresses. IPs can be dynamically managed and ports can be traceably assigned thanks to SNAT.

Effective backups: The IONOS Cloud backup service enables you to back up private VMs regularly, while avoiding public network accessibility.

Nat Gateway: external traffic cannot reach VMs

Features at a glance


Split traffic as needed or prioritise data packets. The IONOS Cloud NAT Gateway supports TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols.

Private LAN

Manually assign up to six private networks per NAT gateway.

Public IP addresses

Depending on your network demands, you can set up several public IP addresses and increase the availability of your virtual data centres.

Highly available

The Managed NAT Gateway is provided redundantly.

If there are interruptions in one component, the second component takes over the maintenance of the service. In the background, the service automatically restores the redundancy level.

Full protection for your private networks

Use cases for your IONOS Cloud Managed NAT Gateways.

Use case
Reduce potential attack vectors

Our managed (source) NAT gateway reliably protects your infrastructure from unauthorised third-party access. By using a smaller number of public NICs, it reduces the number of potential attack vectors.

Plus, you have flexible control over which addresses are reachable from your network.

Use case
Set rules and connect private networks

Apply security patches or perform an operating system update by securely connecting your private networks to the NAT gateway. Define rules to control or limit access to public addresses.

Use case
Route processed data to a public address

Protect your business data and securely send server backups to a remote location. Our managed service allows you to upload processed data to dedicated public addresses (e.g. IONOS S3 Object Storage) as well as download new jobs.



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Processing fee for incoming and outgoing traffic


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Processing fee for incoming and outgoing traffic



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