Managed Kubernetes (CI/CD)

Full flexibility for more agile development

Get managed, highly flexible and resilient container architecture for agile production environments and greater innovation.

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Managed Kubernetes (CI/CD)

Gain a competitive advantage with agile production cycles

Agile software production means flexibility, higher resilience and lower rollout risks, giving companies a competitive advantage. As a result, production environments have shifted to container-based architecture. It offers reliable scalability, a stable working platform, and rapid deployment of software components.

Kubernetes is the most popular tool for orchestrating containerised applications. Combined with Docker, it meets all requirements for an efficient production environment.

Choosing Managed Kubernetes from IONOS Cloud means you'll be able to harness all the benefits of Kubernetes – without the platform admin.

Managed Kubernetes Docker

Fully administered CI/CD infrastructure

Managed Kubernetes provides a fully administered, customised and scalable Kubernetes environment for DevOps teams who want to build CI/CD infrastructure.

Configure platform properties

Instead of being tied to predefined packages, you can configure the platform to your needs and individually select hardware properties including RAM, CPU and storage.

Free up your DevOps resources

Configuration and update management are included. This saves your DevOps team from time-consuming platform admin, leaving them free to concentrate on development.

Simpler development cycles

The exchange of software components is simpler and less error-prone. This eliminates the need for costly, centralised update rollouts.

Data centre and cluster operation

The virtual IaaS data centre and Kubernetes clusters are operated by IONOS Cloud, providing a clear allocation of core responsibilities.

Use case: Hybrid infrastructure

Agility and performance in complex environments

Managed Kubernetes supports agile production methods, even in complex environments. In a hybrid infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters interact seamlessly with on-premise or cloud-operated components. This means that there’s no issue with operating systems or runtime environments incompatibility.

Kubernetes hybrid environment
Efficient platform connectivity

With IONOS Cloud Managed Kubernetes, even core applications in private networks can be linked to the public cloud.

High performance data access

In a hybrid infrastructure, Kubernetes containers enable fast access to external storage volumes in the cloud.

Flexible software architecture

The need for you to make complex and costly modifications to software architecture is largely eliminated.

Considerable cost savings

Having container-based software solutions and end-user systems running in the same cloud saves costs. Incoming and outgoing data transfer is only paid for partially, if at all.

Highly resilient

In a container-based architecture, georedundant Kubernetes clusters from IONOS Cloud provide high resilience and fast recovery.

Modular refactoring

Established systems with proven performance can be refactored step by step and adapted to the container architecture.

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"FTAPI uses Managed Kubernetes from IONOS Cloud Compute Engine to adapt and secure data transfers for medium-sized European companies."

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