Digitalisation for SMEs

Rising to the challenges of digital transformation

The tasks facing system houses, integrators & managed service providers

How the cloud is transforming traditional system houses – digitalisation is impossible without the public cloud.

The challenges for companies on their road to digital maturity

What companies should consider when taking their first steps into the cloud.


System houses and software integrators in digital transformation

IT is a crucial factor within digitalisation. “On-premises only” no longer makes the grade. Even now, the public cloud is an integral part of modern IT strategies. The cloud is growing inexorably while traditional IT structures are reaching their limits – for cost reasons and also due to the technical requirements of an increasingly agile market. Barely any companies want or are able to implement their multi-cloud strategy without external partners. So what roles and skills do the managed public cloud providers (MPCPs) offer in this context?

IONOS Cloud presents the Crisp Research AG strategy paper “System houses and software integrators in digital transformation.”

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CRISP strategy paper “System House 4.0 – system houses and software integrators in digital transformation”

Exclusively for you:

  • how system houses and software integrators – as managed public cloud providers and within System House 4.0 – rise to the challenges of digital transformation and how you can benefit from the cloud competency of a System House 4.0.
  • more about new trends and market statistics on cloud computing in Germany, as well as the importance of multi-clouds to diversify your cloud strategy.
  • how partnering with managed public cloud providers can help expand your cloud expertise and develop your cloud continuously.
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Data Center Designer dashboard

Cloud-based digitalisation

The digital transformation of entire industries offers significant opportunities to companies in Germany, but comes with a number of challenges as well. Fresh business models and new ways of creating value are evolving around the use and exploitation of accumulated digital data. But it is equally necessary to make decisions on how to tackle digitalisation from an operational perspective, on which budgets will be necessary and how the volumes of data can be processed, as well as on how this can be managed technically and in compliance with legal obligations – with a particular focus on data privacy.

What you need to consider on the road to digitalisation

  • Data privacy: data processing, data storage and security standards in the cloud need to comply with the same rules as physical infrastructures
  • Data security: safeguarding cloud operations against system failure and force majeure
  • Compliance: aligning system and business processes with the requirements of digitalisation
  • Identification of the status quo: agility of the company, scalability and security of its systems
  • Definition of your requirements: cost and resource savings, and benchmarking with the competition
  • Clear communication of your digitalisation objectives: project plan, resource availability and parallel systems
  • Inclusion of everyone involved in the planning and decision-making process: change management, documentation and training
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities: personnel resources

Digitalisation with the IONOS Cloud Compute Engine

A rule of thumb: a strong and reliable cloud provider is the best foundation for managing digital transformation. They will create a dependable basis for IT workloads – whether on their own or in cooperation with a technology partner who offers support and 24/7 availability. The Compute Engine ticks all the boxes with its unique and patented Data Centre Designer concept, the DCD for short. Our DCD lets you replicate to the greatest possible extent the familiar process of building and managing a physical data centre, but in this case it’s a virtual one that does not require wiring or other laborious processes. The DCD visualises the entire design and handling process just like diagrams on a whiteboard. Individual elements are assembled and connected effortlessly via drag and drop. It’s probably the most intuitive way to configure a data centre and its infrastructure.

Data Center Designer dashboard

Useful information about “digitalisation for SMEs”

White Paper: Digitalisation with IaaS cloud computing

Companies need to adapt to digitalisation incrementally and in doing so plan each definite stage. It is now a question of “how” and no longer just “when.” The white paper shows you what companies need to consider especially as they evolve toward digital maturity and how digitalisation can be implemented successfully in individual projects (including a clear check list).

Crisp Strategy Paper: Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing as a guarantee for future-proof IT. Learn here what the latest performance specs of a digital infrastructure look like, which questions CIOs and companies should currently be asking, and how you can step successfully into the cloud.

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