Private Container Registry

Manage container images securely in the cloud

Focus on the essentials and leave the setup and maintenance of your private container registry to us. Trust the IONOS Cloud for fast and easy access to Docker images, OCI artifacts, and HELM charts.

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Centralised storage and management of OCI artifacts, HELM charts and more

Simplify your DevOps processes by using a private container registry fully managed by Docker. IONOS takes care of all the important steps, from configuration to maintenance to security patches. This allows you to focus on managing the workloads within your CI/CD environment.

With IONOS, you’ll have UK GDPR-compliant hosting in an ISO certified European data centre. Our data centres are internationally accessible and optimised for international teamwork.

Based on an open-source platform and controllable via the IONOS application programing interface (API), we ensure full interoperability as well as flexibility in processing your Docker images. Your data will be securely backed up in our scalable storage and fully integrated into the IONOS Cloud Compute Engine.

The private container registry is easy to manage from your IONOS Cloud account and due to the geographical proximity to your Kubernetes clusters, it always has low latency.

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Maximum security through role-based access control, including authentication

The functionality and security of your applications is our main concern. That's why our experts continue to work on the development of patches and system backups based on modern technology.

Additionally, we have developed a multi-dimensional system to ensure both the integrity of the platform and the efficient handling of your applications:

  • The entire infrastructure of the private container registry is designed as a high-availability configuration, i.e., redundantly secured and UK GDPR-compliant
  • All data is stored using SSD data at rest encryption
  • All resources can be used and managed with a granular system of roles and access rights
  • Access via a public internet connection is possible, but requires additional authentication to view, download or retrieve images
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Features at a glance

The IONOS private container registry offers a wide range of functions.

Central image management

Store and manage all container images and OCI artifacts quickly and easily from a central platform directly in the IONOS Cloud ecosystem.

Role-based access control

Set different access rights for individual repositories to increase the level of protection for your workloads.

Fully interoperable

Our private container registry is based on Docker, an open source solution that gives you maximum flexibility.

CI/CD Integration

Integrate your private container registry with the CI/CD tooling of your choice.

Secure authentication

Securely access your resources anytime, from anywhere, thanks to additional authentication for web access.

Controllable via the IONOS API

Optimise your processes and integrate the private container registry into your workflows using the IONOS API.

Vulnerability Scanning add-on Optional

Extra protection features for container workloads.

Early detection of threats

Identify potential vulnerabilities in containers before they become critical issues.

Automated vulnerability scanning

Seamlessly integrate automated vulnerability scanning into your CI/CD pipeline.

Practical, actionable reporting

Make informed DevOps and security decisions thanks to detailed vulnerability reports.

Use cases

Typical use cases of the private container registry.

Use case

Reduce your operating costs and increase the security level of your resources

With a Docker registry from IONOS Cloud, you have more time for your work. We take care of installation and operation, so you don't have to worry about administrative tasks. We also guarantee a high level of security based on our ISO certified infrastructure. Thanks to high availability and role-based access control, your images are stored securely and encrypted.

Use case

Integrate your images in just a few clicks into an automated CI/CD pipeline

Our solution supports the Docker Registry HTTP API v2 and other compatible tools that provide access to Dockers using fully qualified domain names (FQDN). This increases the efficiency of your resources while making them more manageable. In addition, the IONOS container registry API is available for managing your resources.


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Container registry storage
£0.04 / GB / 30 days

You're always billed for the private container registry based on usage.


Vulnerability Scanning add-on

£0.018 / GB / 30 days

Vulnerability Scanning add-on



£0.018 / GB / 30 days

The Vulnerability Scanning add-on price must be added to the Container Registry Storage price.


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