Cloud Spectator Benchmarks 2020

Top performance from IONOS Cloud

  • Best overall compute and storage performance compared to AWS, Azure and Google
  • Best price-performance ratio for CPU and SSD storage
  • Excellent value for money
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Cloud Spectator Benchmark Results

Cloud Compute and Storage Performance Analysis 2020

IONOS Cloud Compute Engine compared to AWS, Google and Azure

Cloud Spectator, a US company who specialises in consulting and benchmarking cloud computing, has put the largest cloud providers to the test. The goal: to help customers find transparency in the IaaS cloud market. Between July and August 2020, the Cloud Spectator testers compared solutions from IONOS Cloud, AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure.

They measured the compute performance of the IaaS cloud using benchmarks such as Geekbench and Sysbench as well as the random read and random write performance of the two cloud block storage categories Standard SSD and Premium SSD. Premium SSD products are those with dedicated Provisioned IOPS.

Key findings:

  • IONOS Cloud Compute performs on average 70% better than leading competitors.
  • IONOS Cloud Standard SSD Storage responds up to four times faster than Azure and AWS (Random Read Performance).
  • IONOS Cloud Premium SSD Storage performs 1.5x faster than AWS Provisioned IOPS, 2x faster than GCE, 9x faster than Azure (Random Write Performance).
  • IONOS Cloud Premium SSD Storage offers more performance per Euro than AWS, Azure and Google.
  • IONOS Cloud Standard SSD Storage offers a high-quality entry into high-performance SSD storage at HDD prices.

All benchmark results and details of the price-performance comparison test can be found in the 21-page report from Cloud Spectator.

Publisher: Cloud Spectator

Length: 21 pages

Language: English

Published on: Sept 2020

Multi Core Performance

IONOS Cloud offers the best overall Multi Core CPU performance.

72% more performance than AWS.

50% more CPU performance per Euro compared to other competitors.

Simplified Cloud Spectator bar chart showing that IONOS multi core performance is stronger than the competition