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Cloud Computing
S3 Object Storage


Pay only for what you use

Icon: Cube; S3 Object Storage

S3 Object Storage Prices

Complete cost control and transparency
Storage space is billed by the minute
Test the full version free of charge for 30 days

Pricing for S3 Object Storage

1 GB storage
from£0.0130per 30 days
API access / usage
from£0.0030per 10,000 calls
Data storage / retrieval
1 GB traffic
from£0.03Free incoming traffic
1 GB storage
50 TB (≤50 TB)per 30 days£0.015
> 50 TB ≤ 500 TBper 30 days£0.014
> 500 TBper 30 days£0.013
1 GB traffic
Outgoing≤10 TB£0.06
Outgoing> 10 TB ≤ 50 TB£0.05
Outgoing> 50 TB ≤ 150 T£0.04
Outgoing> 150 TB£0.03
API access / usage
PUT/COPY/POST/LISTper 10.000 Calls£0.04
GETper 10.000 Calls£0.003
DELETEper 10.000 Callsfree
Data storage / retrieval
Data storage (write)per GBFree
Data retrieval (read)per GBFree
1 TB is 1,024 GB | All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax of Great Britain.
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