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Reliability & Scalability

Qmulus Solutions maximises reliability and minimises costs by migrating Sage applications to the IONOS Cloud

Many companies that have heavily invested in on-premises software now face the challenge of making it available for remote workers. Qmulus Solutions provides support and management services to help these companies migrate their on-premise Sage applications into the IONOS Cloud. Qmulus estimates that IONOS Cloud Cubes comes in at a third of the cost of the large hyperscale providers, while still providing the reliability and high-end customer service its customers need.

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IONOS Cloud Success Story Qumulus
"We generally describe IONOS as a low-cost, high-value provider. Obviously, IONOS is a well-known hosting provider. They’re building a new data centre near us, which shows there is a big investment in the platform in the UK and there is confidence internally in the business. There is a large customer base that is confident in the business, too, because that’s driving the need for more storage and more data centres. All this gives us confidence that we are choosing the right provider, rather than other providers at the same price point that might be a lot smaller and riskier."

Daniel Lewis, Managing Director – Qmulus Solutions