Webinar On Demand

DevSecOps with Kubernetes in IONOS Cloud

In this webinar, David Griffiths, CTO of Red Maple Technologies - a cyber security consultancy - discusses DevSecOps and how to apply its security practices to Kubernetes developments.

The rise in adoption of Kubernetes has made it the go-to container orchestration platform, and Kubernetes is now provided as a managed service by most enterprise cloud providers, such as IONOS. However, in this paradigm of orchestrated ephemeral containers and cloud-native microservices, security is still as important as ever. So what is the best approach for developing and operating services securely in Kubernetes? What are the main risks, and what should be done to mitigate them?

This session will include:

  • Overview of Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Threat Landscape
  • Principles of DevSecOps
  • Application of DevSecOps in a Kubernetes Environment
  • Demonstration of Kubernetes in the IONOS Cloud


  • David Griffiths, CTO, Red Maple Technologies
  • Russell Barley, Cloud Solutions Architect, IONOS Cloud